Specialty Providers


The Santee Health and Wellness Center’s outpatient behavioral health providers offer comprehensive mental wellness services through psychiatric evaluations, medication management, mental health assessments and individual therapy for children through adulthood.

Providers include:

Dr. David Vlach, MD

Pediatric Psychiatry

Dr. Madeline West, MD



Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or adding to your family, you have begun an amazing journey. At the Santee Health and Wellness Center, you’ll be able to choose from different types of pregnancy care providers including a certified OB/GYN and Family Medicine/Women’s Health practitioners. 

Your unique needs will be our focus and together, we’ll partner with you on your vision of pregnancy and childbirth. 


Whether it’s your routine annual exam, a preventative screening or a woman’s health specialty care concern, the Santee Health and Wellness Center is able to offer gynecology services through our Family Medicine team and through collaborative outreach efforts with Yankton Medical Clinic’s OB/GYN Dr. Kevin Bray.

Gynecology care often focuses on:

Dr. Kevin Bray, M.D., FACOG


A child’s 18-year journey to adulthood can be divided into three stages, each of which can benefit from specialized medical attention: Infancy, Toddler/Childhood and Adolescence. Through these stages, children develop at a fast pace, both inside and out, which is why having a healthcare professional monitor this growth is important. 

At the Santee Health and Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive children’s care to kids of all ages through our team of Family Medicine providers, Pediatrician, and nurses. 

To help your child grow into a healthy, young adult, call upon the expertise of the Santee Health & Wellness Center. 

In collaboration with the Yankton Medical Clinic’s Dr. Sara Pepper, the Santee Health Center is able to offer Pediatric outreach services to the Santee community.

Dr. Sara Pepper, M.D., FAAP


Podiatry or podiatric medicine is the branch of medicine that treats diseases of the foot. The Podiatry at the Santee Health and Wellness Center provides foot care for patients and specializes in problems associated with diabetic foot.

A range of podiatric treatments for problems are available including:

Dr. Christine Wiarda, DPM


Prosthetics is a very unique area of care. The Santee Health and Wellness Center is proud to offer this service as it is able to provide prosthetic devices to help you regain mobility. 

Prosthetic devices are artificial parts (commonly limbs) used to replace a part of the body that is missing because of a birth defect, accident or amputation. Our prosthetists will consult with our and your provider to evaluate your specific needs and ensure that your new limb fits well and performs at its best.