Pregnancy Workout Plans per Trimester

One of the best things you can do for your pregnancy is to start, or maintain, a healthy lifestyle. This can include anything from seeing your healthcare professional regularly to being intentional about what you ingest during pregnancy. Another important aspect of health is exercise— implementing or maintaining your pregnancy workouts.

It is recommended that women who have a normal, healthy pregnancy should get 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.

A pregnancy workout offers an array of benefits. Some of the benefits of a pregnancy workout include:
-Reduced risk of preeclampsia
-Reduced risk of gestational diabetes
-Reduced risk of developing hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
-Reduced pregnancy discomfort

However, you may have some concerns about the intensity of your pregnancy workout, or concerns about what is available to you as a pregnant woman. After all, not all intensities of workout options are safe for pregnant women. Luckily, there are many workout options available to you as you go through pregnancy, and many people have already modified or adapted certain workout options for pregnant women. That is why we created these helpful videos!




These are just a few of the pregnancy workout options available to expecting women. No matter what workout option you choose, always make sure to clear it with your doctor before starting, in case there are specific precautions you may need to take. After having it cleared by a doctor, you can choose whatever workout option works best for you.

No matter what you choose, make certain to listen to your body and do not attempt to strain or push yourself. If you experience any dizziness or breathlessness, then stop your workout immediately. If something doesn’t feel right after a workout, then consult with your doctor.